Downtown Peterborough

Downtown Peterborough

Welcome to the city of Peterborough, where country life and city life come together to create the perfect place to call home. With hundreds of unique restaurants, retailers, shops and services, there is never a shortage of places to go and things to see. Just a short drive from the countryside yet walking distance from all of your daily needs, the Y-lofts are perfectly situated in the heart of downtown Peterborough. Find out more about what this incredible city has to offer you!

Spend a day exploring the beautiful and rustic streets of Peterborough, where every retailer and every shop has something different to offer, you’re always sure to come home with something new and exciting. Best of all, the Y-lofts are in the heart of downtown Peterborough so you’ll find everything you need is just steps from your front door. From groceries, to home appliances, apparel and more, Peterborough has got it all!

Cottage Toys Peterborough
Brio Gusto

Peterborough is renowned for its fabulous culinary culture and diversity. Whatever your dietary needs or preferences, Peterborough will have what you’re looking for and so much more. Whether you wish to try authentic Mexican food or coffees and sandwiches by the lakeshore, every dining experience is a delight and you’ll never have the same experience twice!

With some of the leading educational institutions in all of Ontario, Peterborough has been shaping young people for generations to lead happy, healthy and successful lives. From a young age, elementary schools make it their mission to ensure the safety and well-being of each and every child. They are taught important life skills that help them through all stages in their lives. The secondary and post-secondary education has proved to offer the highest levels of education to all students and always encouraging and supporting their passions.

Prince of Wales School Peterborough
Peterborough Liftlocks Museum

Peterborough has always welcomed and celebrated the arts and culture in its community. The city is very involved in organizing events, parades, exhibitions and more for the Peterborough residents to help bring people together and celebrate different backgrounds and histories. Arts and culture are everywhere you look in the beautiful streets of downtown Peterborough, there is always something to see and somewhere new to explore.

Step outside and explore Peterborough’s great outdoors. Home to the infamous Trans-Canada trail and some of the most stunning scenery in all of Ontario, staying active has never been so easy! Peterborough supports and encourages healthy and active lifestyles for all of its residents with walking and biking trails and beautifully kept parks.

Peterborough Waterfront
Downtown Transit

Transportation and travelling in a city has never been made so easy! With ample parking space available at the Y-lofts location as well as city-wide, you’ll never have an issue finding somewhere to park. The Y-loft location is so central to downtown Peterborough that walking, biking and running are ideal modes of transportation as well. Grocery stores, medical clinics and retailers are just steps outside your front door so you’ll never waste time in your day with long commutes. Peterborough is extremely proud of their well versed public transit system completely with busses and trains to help you get from point A to point B quickly and comfortably.

The city of Peterborough is incredibly lucky to enjoy the finest health care in the Kawartha region. With specialized clinics and knowledgeable physicians, you’ll feel comfortable calling Peterborough home and knowing your needs will always be looked after. With a large central hospital just minutes from the Y-loft location and dozens of clinics, dental practices and specialized health care experts, Peterborough is truly one of the safest and healthiest communities.

Turnbull Medical Building
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