Arts and Culture in Downtown Peterborough

Christensen Fine Art

Christensen Fine Art offers a variety of services and amenities to all its visitors. Whether you wish to have a painting or photograph framed or explore their rich and cultural gallery, the store provides a peaceful and quiet place to enjoy and appreciate the world of art. The art store and gallery has attracted a group of followers over the years who anticipate the amazing monthly exhibitions. Stop by 432 George St N., and experience some of these incredible pieces first hand. Don’t forget to take advantage of all of the services that Christensen Fine Art has to offer!

Christensen Fine Art
Art Gallery of Peterborough

Peterborough Art Gallery

The Peterborough art gallery was founded in 1974 to revive and reconnect Peterborough residents to the world of art and culture. Today the art gallery thrives as a non-profit organization and is home to many great works of art and exhibitions.

The Canadian Canoe Museum

The Canadian Canoe Museum is a national heritage centre that pays tribute to the Peoples of Canada spanning back over hundreds of years. The city has gone to great lengths to restore and preserve canoes and kayaks from different time periods as the canoes and kayaks are extremely significant to our History and reveal a lot about ways of life in different areas of Canada.

Canadian Canoe Museum Peterborough
Peterborough Museum and Archives

Peterborough Museum and Archives

Step back in history and explore the incredible adventures of early Peterborough and its first settlers. Each artifact, painting and artwork tells a unique story about life hundreds of years ago in this unique Canadian city.

Peterborough Lift Locks

A country wide attraction and historic pride of Peterborough, the Lift Locks are truly a sight to behold and are a huge part of what makes Peterborough such an incredible and unique city. Completed in 1904, the Lift Locks have survived major milestones in Canadian history and remain today in near perfect condition. They are now open to the public for tours, complete with a historical exhibit.

Peterborough Liftlocks Museum